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So I've been living here in Germany for a month so far. One thing that I recommend everyone who visits here to do is eat icecream! Oh my god-I love their icecream here. It IS the best icecream!! My next cone will have one scoop banana and 2 scoops amaretto. There's something different about it...I don't know what it is compared to the stuff in the U.S. but something is very different.

Anyway, let's see what have I been up to...earlier in August, when it was raining, me and Jason went to an Afrikaan fest in Ashaffensburg with our neighbors and two of the guys from the barracks. It was kind of like a flea market but you can't really bargain with the vendors so I guess it would just be a market. But yeah, it was neat and a little funny. There were european hippies everywhere and since it had rained the prices for everything was cheaper. My recommendation for people who go to fests like that is to try and avoid buying from sellers at the entrance because the sellers in the back of the grounds will have lower prices on similar items. I'm not sure if that's the same with flea markets in the U.S....maybe it is...shrugs* We purchased this really pretty eastern elephant tapestry and a little jewelry box.

Later on in the month of August I got to walk around the castle grounds in our town, which was terribly creepy and pretty at the same time. I wish I had photos to upload but I don't because I broke my digital camera while I was at Jason's grandmother's house in Long Beach before we left for P.R. Sucks...I was so sad...I'm still mourning it's death but hopefully the 'Best Buy' warranty will cover it (my mom is mailing it to me)...I have a bad feeling, though, that it won't....

Puerto Rico was incredibly beautiful, by the way. Ghetto, but incredibly beautiful at the same time. The little bungalow house that we rented overlooked this private beach from a top this steep hill with tons and tons of thick trees. The island is incredibly lush with tons of private beaches. It was stormy most of the time we were there, but that just enhanced the whole look of the place. The bungalow had the most perfect view, I was really shocked because I wasn't expecting something like that, very amazing. If you walk down this one steep path through the trees and foliage there's that private beach that you can see from the bungalow above. It's absolutely empty so me and Jason would hang out there most of the time. When it was sunny we would sit out in the sun and play games in the huge crashing waves. I would wade in the shallow water and watch and wait for a hard looking wave to come. Once I would find it, I'd position myself for it and see if it was strong enough to push me over. Most of the time they did, which, for some reason, was a lot of fun. The waves were hella huge and rough!! It was great. :)

A couple of times Jason and I would just wander the beach looking for pretty rocks or shells. One time when we wandered off the sandy portion of the beach and started climbing and playing on the rocks. It was cool because the waves would flow onto the rocks leaving little fish that looked like cichlids and other cool little creatures in amongst the pools of water going in and around all of the rock. So, being the dorky person that I am I wanted to try and catch myself a little fish with my hands. Then we noticed that most of the fish seemed to get stuck just inside this one huge long black slippery rock portion that kept seperate the ocean and the regular large rocks. (I don't know if I explained that correctly...oh well). But yeah, so when I went to join Jason on the slippery rock I slipped and fell. After the impact I noticed that I had a huge headache and a huge fucking bruise forming on my left thigh/hip area. Damn it sucked ass because I woke up with a headache for about 2 weeks afterwards and there's still a faint scar? from the bruise on my left hip/thigh and scratch scars on my right knee (I fell a second time when I tried to get up from the rock).

Overall, I still love PR despite that fall. It was a pretty awesome looking bruise and I think Jason got some video of it, too. It was a great trip and I recommend it to anyone who doesn't fear large insects, loves trees and hermit crabs and/or lizards, and enjoys the beach. And I'd advise everyone to not play on the slippery shiny black rock. And if you do decide to ignore my advice, then I suggest you bring some kind of headache remedy because you're going to have a major hangover like headache for about two weeks.


Dich habe angst? Nein!

Finally!!! Yaaaay!!! We have internet!!! Woohoo! I feel so connected to the world!!! I am currently in the Land of Many Trees (aka Germany). It's been a tumultuous month for me due to my current circumstance (jobless and Term 2 classes don't start until late September). So I've been going crazy here within the unfamiliar....I will write more after I get some music.


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"Is this a warm moment or should we be disturbed?" --- the Tick
"Perhaps not eating people is the first step to making friends."
"From this day forth I will spread my buttery justice over your every nook and cranny! Hear me O City, my City; your toast will never go unbuttered again!" - Tick
Arthur: Maybe I should stop being so anal retentive
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Tick: Ah ha-ha, chess. The ancient contest of wits. Two opponents: mano a mano. Braino a braino. And look: magnets for ease of travel. You could play chess on the moon.

Tick: Ah, savory cheese puffs, made inedible by time and fate.

Tick: And my middle name used to be Helping People, The Helping People Tick.

Tick: And so, Arthur, we learned that gambling is bad and yet in a certain sense, isn't life itself a gamble? You can never be sure of anything. Like who would have thought that dolphins could go bad and that fish were magnetic? Not me, no sir, not me.

Tick: And so, may Evil beware and may Good dress warmly and eat lots of fresh vegetables.

Tick: And that's just it, Doc - my mind has always been my Achilles' heel!

Tick: And, isn't sanity really just a one-trick pony anyway? I mean all you get is one trick, rational thinking, but when you're good and crazy, oooh, oooh, oooh, the sky is the limit.


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